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The cross has been used as a religious symbol and an object of art since ancient times by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Hindus, Aztecs and Chinese, to name but a few. For early Christians it was more than a symbol that represented the crucifixion. It became woven into all facets of life from mere decoration to astounding architecture.

The cross has many meanings. It is an image of such powerful symbolic significance one cannot deny the inspiration it manifests in the creative mind of an artist.

The cross is found in virtually every artistic medium. It has been carved in wood, stone, cast in gold and silver, woven into fabrics, etched in glass, painted by the great masters and made from sticks and string in primitive cultures.

It is also a beautiful symbolic symmetrical design that draws the eye and connects with the human spirit. It is a blank palette for the imagination and a message from the heart.

These original cross designs from Holly Berry House are simply patterns to inspire your creative imagination. You may emboss them in gold on rich colors of fine papers, embellish with metallic watercolors and highlight with bits of glitter.

They may be stamped once and embellished but are most beautiful done in many layers and framed or placed on the front of an elegant card. Hidden in every design are smaller crosses which may be used on their own.

The centers of The Canterbury, Ancient Tribal and Kilkenny crosses are lovely on their own as a small symbol for a tiny card.